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Cristina, I have enjoyed watching you work every minute. You're great. I look forward to seeing more and more of your work. Congratulations and Grazie.

- Jason Alexander -

"I’ve been able to watch Cristina grow from dancer, to performer, choreographer and creative director. From her first stage performance with The Groovaloos in 2007 to becoming my Associate Creative Director, one thing remains constant. Apart from being incredibly versatile and talented, Cristina has that rare ability to enthusiastically share her ideas while not being offended if those ideas do not make the final cut. This allows her to flow with almost any project with a wonderful sense of collaboration and creative freedom. And with her great curiosity and desire to learn I can only imagine what she will be five years from now."

- Bradley Rapier / Groovaloos Founder- 

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Cristina is immensely creative, focused, intelligent and she ALWAYS delivers. She never takes the easy or quick route and she knows how to push the team while keeping everyone motivated. Cristina is constantly innovating and pushing boundaries. As our Corporate Creative Director she learned the language of light cues and works with people from many different departments to make sure the creative vision comes to life.

- Miral Kotb / iLuminate Founder CEO -

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